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feature documentary

After suffering a catastrophic and almost fatal spinal cord injury, professional rugby player Ed Jackson’s world changed forever.

THE MOUNTAIN WITHIN ME follows Ed’s journey on his recovery as he achieves the mental and physical heights of Snowdonia, the Alps and Himalayas to the life-altering challenges closer to home.

Director: Polly Steele

Producer: George Chignell 

Executive Producer: Helen Parker

Universal Pictures production, distributed by Dogwoof with cinema release in August 2024 

* Additional Editing 


short documentary 27'

A woman whose resistance to the Putin regime comes at a terrible cost.

Director: Sarah McCarthy

Producers George Chignell Sasha Odynova Sarah McCarthy

Fiona Stourton Maria Logan Sheila Nevins Andrew Ruhemann

* Official Selection TIFF, Telluride, DOC NYC, Montclair, Hamptons 

* Academy Awards 2023 shortlist


The Dumping Ground 

Series 10  Episodes 9/ 10/ 13/ 14 + Series 12 Episodes 3/ 4/ 7

Growing up in a care home brings all sorts of tough challenges, but the kids at Ashdene Ridge know that if they stick together, they can get through anything life throws at them.

Directors: David Innes Edwards,  Richard Johnston, Megan Campbell

Producers: Jonathan Wolfman, Jane Dauncey, Gert Thomas, Jane Baxter

Network: CBBC



TV series - pilot episode

Juice follows Jamma, a young confused person. It's super funny and visually inventive. 

Winner of RTS and BAFTA Awards

Directors: ROSCO 5 

Producers: Hannah Moulder (VAL) / Tania Qureshi (BBC)

* Assembly Editing 

Monster Heart 5 Jan 2022.png

Monster Heart

short fiction - 15' 

Mary Shelley knows her death is imminent. For her last birthday at the seaside she invites Ada Lovelace, daughter of poet Lord Byron, and Ianthe Shelley, orphaned daughter of her husband Percy and his first wife, Harriet. Old wounds re-open and heal again in a testament to feminine solidarity.

Director: Priyanga Burford

Producer: Kate Phibbs (La Pêche Productions)


short fiction 18'

An absurd, Post-Brexit fairy tale that plays with language, miscommunication, and European anxiety.

Director: Naqqash Khalid

Producers: Helen Mason, Dannii Swidrak

* SkyArts Art 50 project 


short documentary 26'

Through the intimate eyes of a daughter and filmmaker, Perrücke tells the story of Barbara and Joe as they recall love, adapt to a life with illness, and wrangle with the fear of what lies ahead.

Director: Julia Alcamo


short fiction 16'

Facing twilight years of loneliness and isolation, Hilda (Dame Joan Collins) whilst clearing out her deceased husband's belongings, unearths a long-buried secret. The find forces her to confront her past and break free from her solitude with an attempt to live the life that she always denied herself.

Directors: Victoria Hollup, Paul Agar

Producer: Hester Ruoff 

* Official Selection LSFF 2019, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, VIFF 2019

* BAFTA longlist 2019

Night and Day

short fiction 18'

Lockdown, April 2020. Two sisters deal with mental stress in very different ways.

Director: Tim Fywell

Producer: Kelly Price 

* Official Selection LA Shorts Film Festival


short fiction 18'

Set against a technological backdrop, in a time where people engage more with technology rather than with one another, an alienated and disconnected woman seeks the help of a professional to reconnect through 'touch'.

Director and Producer: Nichola Wong

* WINNER Best International Short Film, Joinsville International Short Film Festival 2017

* WINNER Best Sound Design, Underwire Film Festival 2014

* Online premiere with NOWNESS and HUNGER TV

* Official Selection in over 20 film festivals


short fiction 18'

A desperate young woman must overcome amnesia in order to understand her strange surroundings and finally be reunited with her daughter.

Director: Alexandra Maher

Producer:  Victoria Hollup

**WINNER Best Original Concept, Jane Austen International Film Festival
**NOMINATED Best Production Design, Underwire Festival **NOMINATED Best Drama, New Renaissance Film Festival

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